Want to make images like these?

I can show you how, in a workshop

Workshops are a way for me to show others how to utilise their equipment to create the images that they are looking for.

I previously ran photography workshops in Toronto, Canada with Vincent Croos from  and am now collaborating in London with  Official London Photography Tours, Picture Train and Imaging Partnership.

I also offer bespoke photography tours for small groups.

Bespoke Photography Workshops

Whether it be one on one or multiple people, a workshop is a great place to learn life long skills, that can take photography to the next level.

My workshops are tailored to your small group.

From an individual to four or five people, we work together to get the images you want instead of rushing around trying to cover a lot of ground and capture different scenes.

There is so much more than just taking a photograph. My workshops will slow you down and change the way you think, before finally clicking the shutter. You will be building an image rather than pointing and shooting. It does not matter what camera you have, or your location.

Currently my workshops are based in London, but these workshops can happen anywhere, just get in touch.

I have cameras and tripods available should they be required.

Get in contact if you are interested in a workshop, or if you have any questions.

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