Paul K Porter Commercial, Portrait and Travel Photographer

paulkporter self portrait
Everyone loves a black and white portrait

To me, Life and Photography is about experiences and stories. I have had my fair share, my poor mum’s grey hair is evidence of this.  I have experienced a faulty parachute over beautiful mountains (no camera.) Had a gun pulled on me by a Colombian Police officer (No pictures, too scared) and been on a train that caught fire in the middle of Germany somewhere (See below) and am not perturbed by any of this. I believe in the pleasure / pain theory and this was evident when I was on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, floating around the beautiful blue waters while photographing a yoga sailing retreat. I mean,  somebody had to do it   😉 

Train fire
A little fire in the middle of the German Countryside.  An American and a Canadian put the fire out while I made some pictures. We then got drunk and I missed my flight the next morning.

My life experience and photography skill set allow me to be a versatile photographer. I make commercial, travel and portrait images around the world and teach lifelong skills, helping others improve their own photography. I have photographed luxury hotels in the mountains, government events, grammy nominated artists and 8 day old babies. My skills allow me to be adaptable to whatever scenario I find myself in.

Outdoor architecture and scenes, finding reflections in the strangest of places and playing with long exposure night images are my favourites to shoot.

I want to see my work used to help others. It may be for marketing and promotional work or as art.  Most of all I want to:

Inspire others to explore through photography


I  have received designation as an Associate Photographer with MPIO, Master Photographers International.

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